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Lets Get Zooted mp3

Item Number: Scotto-91

Vendor:  Scotto Tv

File Type: MP3

Download Size: 4,651 KBytes

Price: USD 1.00 (Instant Download)


Scotto produces a dance track

Web Site:

Product Created: 2009-05-24

Affiliate Customiser Software

Item Number: Affcust01

Vendor:  Digital Ebook Kingdom

File Type: ZIP

Download Size: 257 KBytes

Price: USD 24.99 (Instant Download)


If you have your own affiliate program or you are planning to start one, you will know that you can increase your affiliates' earnings and profitability by creating ready made adverts for them to use. These marketing tools allow your affiliates to advertise for you and make sales with minimal cost and effort.

By automating this process for them, you will not only save them time and effort, but also reduce the chance of them making expensive mistakes that can result in lost commissions for them and lost sales for you.

Until now automatically customizing adverts could only be done using special scripts installed on your web site, involving lots of expensive custom programming work.

But now there is an alternative ...

Affiliate Customizer is brand new Windows software which will customize your adverts in seconds.

You can make money from Affiliate Customizer, while helping your affiliates promote your products too.

YES! The brander software itself also includes additional promotional and advertising material within the software program so you can earn commissions on sales made from these adverts too.

Full Master Resale Rights Included FREE with License

Just make one sale to recover your investment. Alternatively you can bundle license and brander with other products, or offer it from membership sites.

The license and brander comes complete with a copy of a mini site to help you sell it.

Web Site:

Product Created: 2009-05-22

2009 World Indoor Snow Guide

Item Number: 2009 WSDR

Vendor:  snow 365

File Type: DOC

Download Size: 2,552 KBytes

Price: USD 100.00 (Instant Download)


The World Indoor Snow Centre Guide, compiled by Patrick Thorne of Snow365 in conjunction with numerous industry experts, is a unique report that lists every indoor snow centre built – around 80 in the past 20 years, which includes those that have subsequently closed, and all the companies around the world that are involved in building them.

The World Indoor Snow Centre Guide also includes details of indoor snow centres likely to be constructed over the next five years and details the biggest, widest, highest and longest slopes and the 20+ countries which now have indoor snow centres.

The World Indoor Snow Centre Guide extends to more than 40,000 words and 250 pages and has been updated more than 60 times since the first edition in 2003.

The World Indoor Snow Centre Guide contains more than 100 images from indoor snow centres around the world. For each indoor snow centre the Guide contains a description, opening date, slope and lift details and contact information including website and address. Similar information is available on the companies that are involved in building indoor snow centres.

Table of Contents:

- Introduction

- Table showing number of indoor snow centres by country.

- Table showing world’s 17 longest indoor slopes.

- Table showing world’s 16 biggest indoor slopes by area.

- Table showing world’s 12 biggest indoor vertical drops.

- Table of indoor snow centres built (including those since closed),

- Table of indoor snow centres under construction.

- Table of indoor snow centres that currently seem likely to be built.

- Table of other proposed indoor snow centres with no specified completion date.

- Table of indoor snow centres once proposed but unlikely to now be built.

- Directory of main indoor snow making companies.

- Directory of main indoor snow centre construction companies.

- Directory of other related indoor snow business.

- Directory of Indoor Snow Facility Equipment Suppliers

- A brief history of indoor snow making.

- Indoor Skiing – The Environmental Issues

- 50 things to do on indoor snow.

Web Site:

Product Created: 2009-05-21

Top 50 Questions & Answers People in Relationships with Alcoholics and Addicts want to know Now!

Item Number: Top50

Vendor:  JamesInspires

File Type: PDF

Download Size: 4,510 KBytes

Price: USD 9.95 (Instant Download)


Web Site:

Product Created: 2009-05-14

the backpacker leg survival manual

Item Number: 56


File Type: PDF

Download Size: 1,128 KBytes

Price: USD 20.00 (Instant Download)


Web Site: 

Product Created: 2009-05-13

the obese leg owners manual

Item Number: 54


File Type: PDF

Download Size: 2,136 KBytes

Price: USD 20.00 (Instant Download)


Web Site: 

Product Created: 2009-05-12

Bipolar Monster e-Book

Item Number: bipolarmonster02

Vendor:  Bipolar Monster

File Type: EXE

Download Size: 2,757 KBytes

Price: USD 17.00 (Instant Download)


Web Site:

Product Created: 2009-05-11

seniors legs recovery manual

Item Number: 54


File Type: PDF

Download Size: 1,109 KBytes

Price: USD 20.00 (Instant Download)


Web Site: 

Product Created: 2009-05-10

cyclist recovery

Item Number: 52


File Type: PDF

Download Size: 1,315 KBytes

Price: USD 20.00 (Instant Download)


Web Site: 

Product Created: 2009-05-07

PayPal Download Manager (PDM) PHP Script

Item Number: PDM-00001

Vendor:  YMDeviss

File Type: RAR

Download Size: 315 KBytes

Price: USD 14.99 (Instant Download)


Web Site:

Product Created: 2009-05-04


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